Marble is a very unique material that is known for being a luxury material . Elegant and refined, marble stone is the best suited for decorating not only the living spaces but also the office foyers that usually serve the corporate identity of the company. Softer than other natural stones or quartz, marble compared to other stones has a softer and more porous surface that makes it more susceptible to coloration, surface stripping by products with a high acid content and staining by any spilled liquids so it is preferable not to use in the manufacturing of work surfaces. We seal all of our marble tops with a recognised stain repellent.

Since marble was created from sedimentary dolomite or limestone rock through a natural process, each piece is unique in appearance. The wide range of hues and colours found in marble are determined by the area of origin and the proportional mix of minerals in the original limestone. The beautiful and distinctive veining is known for comes from impurities trapped in the limestone when earths extreme heat and pressure transformed it into marble.

All our materials are ethically sourced and approved to ensure the highest standards of quality.